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Now open to everyone via WebEx. To minimize virus risk, you can only attend online. Once you register, you will receive instructions on how to join the meeting virtually.

NYRUG and Tampa Bay and Raleigh and Dallas RUG Meet June 30, 2021 10AM

For future meetings, administration will be handled differently. Watch this space to learn how to get informed and to register for the next meeting.

Details below. (Handouts are NOT provided at the meeting. Please print your own copies from Links to HANDOUTS for past and upcoming meetings)

Thanks to IBM for providing meeting facilities and teleconferencing

New way to stay informed: If you want reminders of upcoming RUG meetings, please watch for the link (coming soon) to sign up to receive one email reminder before each meeting (two per year). This will be a different link, since the email list is being built from scratch.

Meeting AGENDA (subject to change) (Coffee breaks will be included between sessions. All times are New York City time.)

What We Are

These user groups meet twice a year to share information about RACF and related issues. Speakers from several organizations including IBM present on practical topics of use to RACF administrators, system programmers, and auditors. The RACF User News provides further information, including details on how to sign up for the RACF-L List Server. RACF is IBM's security software for its mainframe computers.

What You Need to Know About Our Meetings

Whenever possible, our meetings are joint meetings (NY and Tampa, FL and Raleigh, NC and Dallas) with teleconferencing provided by our host: IBM. You will need a photo id to attend and be prepared to go through a security scanner. For security reasons, you must pre-register at least one day before the meeting or you will not be permitted to enter. Registering is easy, please see the links above.